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KB Bayley, Great Willow, Old Californio, The Williams Brothers, Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra, Steve Wallis, Giulia Millanta, Jadea Kelly, Mean Mary, Michael McDermott, The Lucky Ones, The Slocan Ramblers, Rod Picott, Hannah Read & Michael Starkey, Harley Kimbro Lewis, Track Dogs, The Remittance Men, Rupert Wates,

Alice DiMicele, The Pawn Shop Saints, Yonder Boys, Abby Posner, Roland Roberts, I See Hawks in L.A., RB Morris, The Bean Pickers Union, Nathan Bell, Taylor Young Band, Kris Delmhorst, Stripmall Ballads, Scott Cook, Jeffrey Foucault, Ry Cavanaugh, Ben Kunder, Joe Edwards, Nels Andrews, Danny Schmidt, G.F. Patrick, Water Tower, Sam Baker, Steve Dawson, Sam Lewis, Justin Wells, Maya Rae, Rick Shea, Carrie Elkin, The Danberrys, Steve Mayone, Brigitte DeMeyer, Jason Ringenberg, Amber Cross, Copper Viper, Gerry Spehar, Catherine MacLellan, Annie Keating, Massy Ferguson, Rachel Harrington, Thee Holy Brothers, Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts, Kelly Steward, Stephen Fearing, Annie & Rod Capps, Ed Dupas, Big Dave McLean, Rachel Baiman, Session Americana, Kat Danser, Jim Byrnes,

David Olney & Anana Kaye, Ben de la Cour, M  G Boulter and many more ...


Established for over 20 years, with many years previous spent in the independent music sector, we’re a small but industrious specialist PR agency working with artists and labels across a range of genres, with a focus on Americana, Blues, Country, Folk, Bluegrass & other roots music styles.


Targeting print, online media and radio in the UK & Ireland, as well as some areas of mainland Europe, whether seeking to promote an album, an EP, or a combination, we offer a flexible range of services to suit most budgets and requirements.


Whether you’re a new, established or developing artist, on a label or self-financed, we’ll be endeavouring to achieve the best results we possibly can.


Even after all these years our enthusiasm remains undiminished and we’re continually on the lookout for new music to spread the word about.


For further info or a chat about any potential projects, please get in touch...


 Other artists we've worked with in recent times ...



Contact:  Geraint & Deb Jones  Phone:  + 44 (0) 1584 873211 Mobile:  + 44 (0) 7855 724798  Email:  






Contact:  Geraint & Deb Jones

Phone:     + 44 (0) 1584 873211

Mobile:    + 44 (0) 7855 724798


G Promo PR

UK, Ireland & Europe Music Publicity

National & Regional Press & Radio Promotion 

Americana, Roots, Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Country

and more...

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